Episode 17 | Foster Parenting: Wholehearted Love One Moment at a Time


Abbey and Dane Daniels

Abbey and Dane Daniels are the parents of a 9-month-old son. He came into their family when he was 4-months old, via the state of Texas. They are foster parents. They don’t know how long this little one will be in their home. They do know that they love him wholeheartedly.

Abbey’s interview is stunning. She speaks eloquently and honestly about the path that she and her husband have chosen for their family. She is open about the difficulties, but mostly she celebrates the privilege of watching a precious young life heal and flourish under her care.  Abbey blogs about their family journey at http://thefamilydaniels.wordpress.com/.

This conversation is guaranteed to make you re-think whatever you thought about foster parenting.


Episode 16 | Suburban Snapshots: The Mom Behind the Sass



Brenna is the mom behind the hit blog, Suburban Snapshots. She is also an emerging Facebook star who predictably produces a daily dose of witty parenting anecdotes.

She and her husband, Steve, left city life and moved to a small town in New England. They became parents of Anna by surprise, but after 5-years of parenting, they have grown used to life as a suburban family of three.

Brenna gets paid to be a web designer and photographer. She also write satire for Nickelodeon’s NickMom.com.


Episode 15 | The Birth of the Parent: An Interview with Penny Simkin



Penny Simkin has spent her lifetime observing and supporting the emergence of parents.

Since 1968, she has been a childbirth educator and advocate for women. She has prepared over 12,000 women and their families for childbirth and she has assisted hundreds of women as a doula. She produces films and writes books for both parents and professionals. Her books include The Labor Progress Handbook (2011), with Ruth Ancheta, The Birth Partner (2008), and When Survivors Give Birth: Understanding and Healing the Effects of Early Sexual Abuse of Childbearing Women (2004), with Phyllis Klaus.

Penny and her husband, Peter, have four adult children and eight grandchildren. They also have a pug named Hugo.

Penny has had a tremendous impact on the way that people begin parenthood.

To learn more about Penny, or check out the many resources that she provides to birthing families, visit: www.pennysimkin.com

Episode 14 | Adam Walker Cleaveland: A Fatherhood of Joy and Grief


580223_10151546781495498_928758922_n 20121208e_3

Adam Walker Cleaveland is the husband of Sarah and the father of 15-month-old, Caleb.  In his interview, he recounts joyful father-son adventures and heshares about the grief that he and Sarah faced after losing a set of twins at 20 weeks gestation.

Adam is  an Associate Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Ashland, Oregon. He is involved in the emerging church movement, and is a writer, theologian, and social media buff. He blogs about his theological interests and activities at www.Pomomusings.com.

He blogs about fatherhood at www.dazeddad.com. He is also a contributor to A Deeper Story. His story about the loss of the twins can be found here: http://deeperstory.com/father-of-three-one-living/


Episode 13 | Beyond Cinderella: The Deep Love of a Step-Parent




Beverly Griffith Herndon jumped in the deep end and learned to swim.

In her mid-forties, she became the mother of two recently bereaved, pre-adolescent boys. She and her new husband faced the daunting task of forming  a family, midstream. In her interview, Bev speaks openly about the challenges of being a step-parent: the Disney-inspired stereotypes,  the questionable legal status, and the difficulty of developing a parental relationship with two boys who are not quite sure about her. Our conversation also reveals her deep love for her husband and children.

Bev’s story is another story of transformation. Mothering has required her to dig deep and, in some ways, become someone new.

Episode 12 | A Father and An Officer


Ryan Scott2Ryan Scott

Major Ryan Scott is a combat engineer in the United States Marine Corp.  He is also the husband of Ginny and the father of two daughters, ages 5 and 10.  In his interview, Ryan talks about how he and his family have managed multiple deployments, several cross-country moves, and the risks and benefits of military life.  He makes connections between the skills he has learned as a parent and working in a  job that requires him to interact with people whose lives have been torn apart by war.  Our conversation reveals his humility, intelligence, and the  seriousness with which he approaches his commitments to both his work and his family.

In the aftermath of the bombings at the Boston Marathon, our I am especially grateful for the hard work and sacrifices put forth by first responders. The people who run toward the disaster.

When the bombs went off in Boston, Ryan was at work in the Middle East. In anther city affected by terror, hate and bombs. Ryan does not see himself as a hero, and he would not like to be mentioned in the same category as those who responded to the Boston attacks. However, Ryan does a dangerous job that requires him to confront chaotic and deadly situations. He and his family make sacrifices because he has chosen a vocation of service.

It is an honor to share Major Scott’s interview with the Parenting Reimagined community.


Episode 11 | The Worst Loss and the Life that Follows



Andrea Sward is the mother of two children. One who died. One who is eating, sleeping, singing, laughing, and exploring like any other 10-month-old.

In her interview, Andrea talks about the tragic car accident that altered her family, her body, and her life forever. She also talks about her road to physical recovery and the new life that has grown in her heart as she has re-entered motherhood.

She and her husband, Scott, live and serve as missionaries in Cambodia: www.friendschurchsw.org/scott-andrea-sward/

Andrea’s interview is brave, honest, full of pain, and full of hope. Just like she is.

Episode 10 | Entrepreneurial Father


jason roberts

Jason Roberts is an entrepreneur, web developer and podcaster living in Pasadena, CA. He has co-founded six companies and is the cohost of the popular techzing podcast. For more about Jason and his work, check out www.codusoperandi.com

Jason and his wife Sandy have three children. In his interview, Jason talks about raising his children “outside the box” and the lessons that he has learned about how to adjust to what his kids really need from him. He also talks about the Catalyst Academy, his recent venture into combining entrepreneurship and parenting in the form of a technology course for 8 to 12-year-olds.