Episode 9 | Dr. Rebekah Hall: Becoming the Mother of a Special-Needs Child


Beka 2

Dr. Rebekah Hall is a licensed clinical psychologist in Idaho. She and her husband, Jeff (also a psychologist), have three children. Their youngest child, Kiera is just 5 months old and was born with cytomegalovirus (CMV). Kiera’s development has been significantly altered by the virus. Rebekah and her family are quickly reworking their lives to adjust to their new member and her unique needs.

In her interview, she talks about the moment when she deleted all of her “to do” lists, the strength of her marriage, and her simple hopes for her new baby. Rebekah blogs at www.keepondancinglife.blogspot.com where she strives to be a source of encouragement to other moms of kids with disabilities.


Episode 8 | Becoming Daddy


Kurt1            Kurt 2

Kurt Willems is an anabaptist thinker, author, teacher, and  soon-to-be church-planter  in Seattle.

He and his wife, Lauren, are expecting their first child in April. He joins me for the very difficult task of reflecting forward- trying to guess how this new life will reshape  him. Kurt writes regularly at the pangea blog. You can also follow him on twitter. His handle is @Kurtwillems

The first guest is my oldest son. He is six and a half. He believes that it is very important to include “and a half”.

Episode 7 | The Power and Pressure of Oneness











Trasi is a marketing professional and the single  mother of 9-year-old, Joey.

In her interview, she talks about the unexpected events that made her a single parent and the ways that she has had to rethink her expectations of family life. She reflects on the struggles of single parenting as she celebrates the special closeness that she and her daughter share. Trasi also shares candidly about race and heritage as she explores her experience raising a bi-racial daughter.

Episode 6 | The Amazing Supermom


Angela 3

Angela Sipe is a home-schooling, music-writing, amazing super-mom. She and her husband, Brian, are the parents of 13 children ranging in age from 5 months to 16 years. Their large home is filled with music, laughter, and the sounds of  rambunctious imaginative play.

Angela talked with me about the gifts and challenges of mothering a large family. She also shared some of the spiritual (and practical) wisdom that she has accumulated through sixteen years of intense mothering.

Angela blogs at theamazingsupermom.blogspot.com

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Episode 5 | Remembering to Breathe


Erdman family

The Rev. Dr. Chris Neufeld-Erdman is the senior pastor of University Presbyterian Church in Fresno,CA. He is the father of two young adult sons, and three adult step-daughters.

In this interview, Chris talks about his overlapping roles as pastor and father. He also shares about the pain of divorce, the joy of a new marriage, and the spiritual depth to be found in the daily tasks of parenting.

Chris is the author of several books, an accomplished speaker, an adjunct seminary professor, and an oblate at the New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur. He blogs regularly at www.chriserdman.com. Visit his website to download his free ebook: Returning to the Center: Living Prayer in a Distracting World.


Episode 4 | Responding to life


Christy macias

Christy Macias is a biologist turned owner of a boutique home-based day care center. She is married and the mother of two daughters. She talks with me about the dramatic changes that she made in response to the needs of her family. She also shares about the demands of parenting two very different children, the loneliness of being a new parent, and her desire to remain open and flexible in the face of life’s unforeseen challenges.

Episode 3 | Rethinking Femininity


Brooke Denni

Brooke Denni is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Orange County, California. She and her husband, Paul, are expecting their first child this summer. You can follow Brooke on twitter: @findtruebeauty.

In her Parenting Reimagined interview, Brooke talks about her hopes, expectations, and fears as she anticipates entering into motherhood. She also shares candidly about the ways in which pregnancy is causing her to reflect on her complicated relationship with her own body, her mother, and her limited control.

Episode 2 | Grace, redemption…. and snot


Tyler Watson


Tyler Watson is the adoptive father of 10-month old Elijah, and the husband of Dr. Carey Watson. He is a  writer, speaker, theologian, and served as an associate pastor of a large church in the San Francisco Bay Area before decided to stay home with his son. Tyler blogs at www.spacebetweenmyears.com

Tyler talks with me about their adoption, his new life as a stay-at-home-dad, and the ways that fatherhood is reshaping his view of God. We wrestle with the theological significance of grace and redemption and he graciously shared his strategy for removing snot from the face of an unreasonable 10-month-old.