Episode 15 | The Birth of the Parent: An Interview with Penny Simkin



Penny Simkin has spent her lifetime observing and supporting the emergence of parents.

Since 1968, she has been a childbirth educator and advocate for women. She has prepared over 12,000 women and their families for childbirth and she has assisted hundreds of women as a doula. She produces films and writes books for both parents and professionals. Her books include The Labor Progress Handbook (2011), with Ruth Ancheta, The Birth Partner (2008), and When Survivors Give Birth: Understanding and Healing the Effects of Early Sexual Abuse of Childbearing Women (2004), with Phyllis Klaus.

Penny and her husband, Peter, have four adult children and eight grandchildren. They also have a pug named Hugo.

Penny has had a tremendous impact on the way that people begin parenthood.

To learn more about Penny, or check out the many resources that she provides to birthing families, visit: www.pennysimkin.com

One Response to “Episode 15 | The Birth of the Parent: An Interview with Penny Simkin”

  1. Andrea says:

    Fascinating interview! Loved all the background information on childbirth, and also really appreciated the way you see childbirth as so interconnected with life. As a therapist myself, I enjoyed hearing about how you made the connections between trauma history and pregnancy/childbirth. Thank you!!

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