Episode 12 | A Father and An Officer


Ryan Scott2Ryan Scott

Major Ryan Scott is a combat engineer in the United States Marine Corp.  He is also the husband of Ginny and the father of two daughters, ages 5 and 10.  In his interview, Ryan talks about how he and his family have managed multiple deployments, several cross-country moves, and the risks and benefits of military life.  He makes connections between the skills he has learned as a parent and working in a  job that requires him to interact with people whose lives have been torn apart by war.  Our conversation reveals his humility, intelligence, and the  seriousness with which he approaches his commitments to both his work and his family.

In the aftermath of the bombings at the Boston Marathon, our I am especially grateful for the hard work and sacrifices put forth by first responders. The people who run toward the disaster.

When the bombs went off in Boston, Ryan was at work in the Middle East. In anther city affected by terror, hate and bombs. Ryan does not see himself as a hero, and he would not like to be mentioned in the same category as those who responded to the Boston attacks. However, Ryan does a dangerous job that requires him to confront chaotic and deadly situations. He and his family make sacrifices because he has chosen a vocation of service.

It is an honor to share Major Scott’s interview with the Parenting Reimagined community.


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  1. Marcia Muterspaugh says:

    I remember Ryan Scott, it’s great to hear your voice and your wise words. Thank you. Good job.

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