Episode 17 | Foster Parenting: Wholehearted Love One Moment at a Time


Abbey and Dane Daniels

Abbey and Dane Daniels are the parents of a 9-month-old son. He came into their family when he was 4-months old, via the state of Texas. They are foster parents. They don’t know how long this little one will be in their home. They do know that they love him wholeheartedly.

Abbey’s interview is stunning. She speaks eloquently and honestly about the path that she and her husband have chosen for their family. She is open about the difficulties, but mostly she celebrates the privilege of watching a precious young life heal and flourish under her care.  Abbey blogs about their family journey at http://thefamilydaniels.wordpress.com/.

This conversation is guaranteed to make you re-think whatever you thought about foster parenting.


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