Episode 14 | Adam Walker Cleaveland: A Fatherhood of Joy and Grief


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Adam Walker Cleaveland is the husband of Sarah and the father of 15-month-old, Caleb.  In his interview, he recounts joyful father-son adventures and heshares about the grief that he and Sarah faced after losing a set of twins at 20 weeks gestation.

Adam is  an Associate Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Ashland, Oregon. He is involved in the emerging church movement, and is a writer, theologian, and social media buff. He blogs about his theological interests and activities at www.Pomomusings.com.

He blogs about fatherhood at www.dazeddad.com. He is also a contributor to A Deeper Story. His story about the loss of the twins can be found here: http://deeperstory.com/father-of-three-one-living/


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