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Becoming a parent is a  life-changing event.  Much of the public conversation is about doing parenting tasks (sleep training, potty training, disciplining, preparing for college, being a tiger mother). We don’t talk much about the deeper experiences, the ones that stretch and transform us.

Parenting Reimagined is an attempt to move beyond the “how to’s” to deeper conversations about being a parent. It is a place for parents to talk about what parenting has taught them, how it has transformed them, and what it has meant for the landscape of their inner lives. It is a conversation about spirituality, identity, passion, vocation, mistakes, new beginnings, joy, and the many challenges of nurturing young lives.

Parenting Reimagined is the brainchild of Sherry Walling, Ph.D. She the mother of two sons, a clinical psychologist,  a seminary graduate, a world traveler, and a person who spends Friday nights at home in sweatpants.

You can reach Sherry at sherry@parentingreimagined.org