Episode 8 | Becoming Daddy


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Kurt Willems is an anabaptist thinker, author, teacher, and  soon-to-be church-planter  in Seattle.

He and his wife, Lauren, are expecting their first child in April. He joins me for the very difficult task of reflecting forward- trying to guess how this new life will reshape  him. Kurt writes regularly at the pangea blog. You can also follow him on twitter. His handle is @Kurtwillems

The first guest is my oldest son. He is six and a half. He believes that it is very important to include “and a half”.

2 Responses to “Episode 8 | Becoming Daddy”

  1. Dawn Walling says:

    Both Fin and Kurt will be great fathers. Kurt has really put alot of thought into his adventure.

  2. Rick says:

    It is a strange and wonderful feeling to hear Kurt talk about becoming a father. I remember holding him in my arms for the first time. I kept wondering what kind of dad I would turn out to be. Now he gets to experience one of life’s most increasable journeys, becoming a parent.

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