Episode 7 | The Power and Pressure of Oneness











Trasi is a marketing professional and the single  mother of 9-year-old, Joey.

In her interview, she talks about the unexpected events that made her a single parent and the ways that she has had to rethink her expectations of family life. She reflects on the struggles of single parenting as she celebrates the special closeness that she and her daughter share. Trasi also shares candidly about race and heritage as she explores her experience raising a bi-racial daughter.

9 Responses to “Episode 7 | The Power and Pressure of Oneness”

  1. Michele Shockley says:

    Wonderful interview, and a nice insight into a good friend’s life. Trasi is such an inspiration and is raising a beautiful daughter! I loved hearing all of the stories!

  2. Lynne Oncken says:

    Beautiful Trasi…beautiful.

  3. Fari says:

    I am so proud of you for being so strong and dedicated to raise such an exceptional child. Joey is an energetic, smart and happy kids. Your struggle and hard work is rewarding the world with a beautiful human being. Keep up the good work and stay strong. Life is beautiful because you’re running it in a fantastic way; there’s nothing to feel guilty about. Love you, Fari

  4. Cheryl Reistetter Fleming says:

    Trasi, I’m moved by your honesty and openess about motherhood. Especially the part about growing and healing from challenging situations. Bravo!

  5. Beth Greene says:

    I loved every second of that. Trasi, you are amazing and I love you!! Makes me miss you guys so much.

  6. Nicole Godbolt says:

    Trasi you are and will always be an inspiration to me. I’m blessed to be apart of your Fresno family and so proud of how you came through that season of your life with such grace. I’ll say this again….you need your own show!

  7. Jonica Bushman says:

    Trasi, Now the years we missed when we moved to Visalia are filled in – and I appreciate you more than ever! Thoughtful, introspective, humorous, down-to-earth, resilient – seems to me you have joined your grandmother, mom, and aunts in the ranks of the powerful!!!

  8. Leslie Gordon says:

    Trasi – Thank you for giving such an open and honest interview. I can especially relate to raising bi-racial children and growing up like you did. I also come from an amazing family of strong women and it takes a special kind of man to stick around and not be intimidated. Please know that you will get through the rough times and come out better for it. Joey is incredibly blessed to have you for a mother!!

  9. Jessica Gillespie says:

    Thank you for giving such an honest interview. As a working mom I have experienced the tingling guilt you talked about and agree with you on how sharing responsibility for various activities is a good thing. As a daughter of a single mom, I always saw my mom as a strong woman even when her vulnerabilities were visible–it made her seem stronger. My dad had cheated on her as well and she was willing to forgive, but he wasn’t interested. I am now happily married with two kids and feel as though my mom was the one who influenced me to be the person I am today. I loved what you said about the Dichotomy you feel with your daughter–I feel the same way.

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