Episode 23 | Finding the Sacred in Life and Death: A Conversation with Juli McGowen Boit


Juli McGowen Boit is a nurse practitioner who has been living in a rural part of eastern Kenya for the past nine years. She founded The Living Room, a center that provides hospice and palliative care to those affected by HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life threatening illnesses. She cares for men, women, and children in immense pain. At times, her work involves the sacred act of tenderly accompanying people to the last moments of their lives.

She and her husband, Titus, are expecting their first child, a daughter, later this month.

Our wonderful conversation covers a range of topics, including the parallels between birth and death, her village’s sense of communal responsibility for children, and her prayer that her daughter will develop a compassionate heart as she grows up in the midst of the poverty and suffering.

To learn more about Juli’s work visit The Living Room website or find her on facebook.

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