Episode 22 | A Winding Path of Culture and Vocation


Nadia Elrashidi Ahlsten  is a stay-at-home mom with four kids under the age of five. Yep, she is hardcore.

Thankfully she comes to the job with excellent credentials: the Peace Corps in El Salvador, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, the World Bank, the West Bank, and Kenya.

She used her experience with complex systems to navigate the adoption and immigration procedures of three countries. When she and her family were living in Kenya, they navigated the adoptions of twin boys from an orphanage in the Congo.

Nadia has made some tough life choices that may seem like big sacrifices. She’s done so with eyes wide open. She recently wrote this on her facebook page: “No one said love was easy or even something that comes natural to you. Love is love. It costs you everything but you (generally) will gladly give up everything (and more) to have it, save it, and keep it”.

We had a wonderful conversation about choices, culture, adoption, and the adventures of motherhood.

Thanks, Nadia!


2 Responses to “Episode 22 | A Winding Path of Culture and Vocation”

  1. Sara Werner Costa says:

    This was lovely & moving! Nadia is a rock star 🙂

  2. andrea says:

    nadia, i LOVED this – you spoke so, so well to life as an expat mom (and just international life in general), in addition to life as a mom, as a Christ following mother and woman. thank you so much. am sharing this with all my other expat mom friends!!! 🙂

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