37 | Our European Adventure


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I took a four week break from the podcast to spend a month traveling in Europe with my family. This was our first international trip and it was a fantastic adventure for our little crew.

In this week’s episode my husband, Rob, and I talk about what we learned, what we enjoyed and what we might do differently next time. Enjoy!

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  1. Tracy Heathcote says:

    I always enjoy your podcasts, but I was excited to hear about your trip and how it went. Our family has always prized travelling, especially with our kids. A few things that struck me about your recollections of your trip were in how much pictures effect your memories and the way children change how you travel. First, in my family we say that something has not occurred if a picture of it wasn’t taken… It is, of course, a little tongue and cheek, but I have been surprised at what our children did forget as they got older. We have traveled across the country, by car and plane several times throughout our 2 kids lives (they are now 10 & 11) and have gone to Europe twice. In that time, they have been touched and enthusiastic about so many things, but now that they are older, when I bring up some of the memories and things that were special to them, they have sadly forgotten. That is not the case for anything that we have photographed, though. So, pictures are really important. We have also always gotten post cards everywhere we go (if they sell a post card, we buy it). The girls then write about the experience. It is a short but great way to maintain those memories and get a snapshot of what the girls were like when we went somewhere. Also about traveling. We would agree that kitchens are SO important (even a fridge is helpful)! The one thing that I thought was interesting that you brought up was space. Possibly since my family has always traveled in small quarters (when we drive across the country, we have a very tiny a-frame camper that ways less than 2K lbs), we don’t notice it as much, but we have always given up about half of our daytime travel to spending time in parks and other open spaces. That has involved us carrying kids through naps (we gave up traveling with a stroller pretty early on) or just sitting on a bench while the girls ran in circles on an open grassy spot, but it was always worth it. We have usually only used our room (typically a room in a B&B) for sleep or to get out of the elements. Finally, I agree wholeheartedly that planning is really necessary for successful travel with kids. My husband is our master planner and that makes everything better. We are always flexible with our sightseeing schedules as we travel, but we have found that, especially in Europe, it is not easy to get rooms for 4 people if you don’t plan ahead. The one time we needed to find a room in London without planning ahead involved a lot of cranky walking kids and a huge price tag once we finally found something. I know this was long….. but I just wanted to say that I’m glad you are enjoying the fun of traveling internationally with children- I think it makes kids and their parents better people!

  2. Ryan says:

    Very interesting episode. Your son is so articulate!

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